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Download Uc Browser For Pc

Recently, mobile Internet data show that the visits of the second quarter of 2011, mobile browser, UCWEB share of the largest and fastest growing. UCWEBPV accounting for share increased to 26 percent, followed by The MTK its own browser, accounting for 19% ofmarket share, Webkit is the QQ browser in order ranked third, fourth.

uc browser for pc :

As the global use of the largest mobile phone browser, UC browser for the global mobile Internet users to provide smart intelligent mobile Internet service, with constant technological innovation, “do more with less” user experience and excellent market forward thinking, leadingthe mobile browser the de facto standard, and continues to promote the progress and development of the global mobile Internet industry.

UC browser is excellent, as the company develops a global leader in intelligent mobile browser, has a unique U3 core and cloud structure, perfectly support HTML5 applications, with intelligence, speed, security and easy expansion, power, the province flow characteristics, refer to information, reading novels, watching videos, or the micro-Bo, play games, online shopping can allow users to enjoy smooth, convenient mobile Internet experience.

Up to now, global UC browser downloads exceeded 1.5 billion users use (PV) over 150 billion, more than 300 million users worldwide.

Our website introduction of uc the pc version:

 UC browser is excellent, as the technology-based mobile phones and other mobile terminal platform developed a WWW / WAP Web browsing software,

Who says the UC browser does not have the computer version? The PC6 today on the first time released a ado, see Figure, under the quickly.

With it, you will be able to use of mobile UC browser on your computer, log onto mobile UC Paradise UC park in a variety of small game to play on the computer, the UC account number, hang up, UC account applications, the software for the touch screen version. support mouse drag, ctrl + c + v to copy paste

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